Feature Request "Open In"

It may be there, but I cannot find it…the ability to "open a file in another app.  That is move the file to the other app’s space.

Just as important, but not as critical, would be the ability for another app to “open in” the Sandisk app.  This, for example, would allow offline storage of, say, a ‘GoodReader’ pdf file to the Sandisk app.


PS…this obviously is for iOS devices.

I loaded an epub book file from the PC. WMD just said it was unsupported file type and only choice was “dismiss”. A PDF file offer “open in”

Other apps, if they do not support the file type offer “open in” for apps that do support it.

In lieu of open in support, provide NAS/SMB support so FileBrowser or FileExplorer can access the files and move them to a better app.


I agree. This feature would certainly make the Connect WMD much more useful.

It is available in rival models, like the one offered by Kingston. But in SanDisk’s defense, it took a few months for Kingston to add this feature, and the Connect WMD is relatively new. It will (hopefully) be in an upcoming update.