Feature Request - Firmware Update I


Recently bought my first Sansa Clip+. I mainly use the ‘folder’ function to access my music so, for example, all my Beatles albums (as sub-folders) are in the main Beatles folder (kinda obvious). When I’m playing any album, I know I can fast forward (or reverse) the track number by clicking right (or left). However, I would really like to be able to click up (or down) to the previous (or next) album in the list in an easy way. At the moment, I can’t find any way other than three clicks (on different keys). Is there any way a firmware update could be made that would allow a DOUBLE click up (to access previous album) and a DOUBLE click down (to access next album/folder)? As a result, a single click on these keys would maintain their origianl function BUT a double click (say less than half-second apart) would do as I suggest.

That would be a wonderful help and allow much easier access to different albums (without even needing to look at the screen as I do now). If this is ALREADY possible, please could someone explain to me how to do it?

Thanks in advance for any help,


Why not use the “Artists” function so that you can play every albums in order ?


Thanks very much for your reply. However, using the folders option already allows me that (i.e. I assign each band a folder and within that sub-folders containing their albums ordered by number). The problem is, I would really like to be able to flip between albums (of the same group in their ‘main’ folder) effortlessley, as opposed to have to press a number of buttons to get back to the main folder. What I mean is, when listening to album number 5, for example, it would be so handy just to have to press the ‘up’ button twice, to take me to the first track in album 4. Is there anyway of doing this?

Thanks again,


I, for one, would not like this function to be implemented.  It would confuse more people than it would help.