Feature Request - Connect to WiFi with hidden SSID/Hide WMD SSID


I ran some tests today just to verify. The WMD currently does not connect or maintain a connection to a WiFi network with hidden (non-broadcast) SSID. Even though when I click " Connect to Internet"  I have the option to enter an “Other”  network, the WMD will not connect if the SSID of the network is not being broadcast.

Also, if I broadcast the SSID the WMD connects to it immediately and without issues. But, as soon as I turn of SSID broadcast, the WMD also drops the connection to the WIFi.

This is a major security issue as I would not want to broadcast my home SSID constantly when also using the WMD. I am fine with temporarily broadcasting the SSID to establish connection, but not have it on all the time. All my other devices (Android phones/tables, iPads, etc.) connect just fine to my hidden network.

This feature should be enabled in a future firmware release as it is security related.

The same is true for hiding the SSID of the WMD itself. My devices that have been set up on it should no longer need the WMD to broadcast its SSID.


That’s why I never used the pass-thru feature of the WMD.  The security on this thing is dismal, and I don’t consider myself to be paranoid about security by a long shot.  I would have considered a non-broadcasting SSID to be plenty good enough.

But, I’ve moved on to a device that provides that, and fixes a host of other issues.