Feature request, anybody listening?


Just got the 4gig SDMX11R-4096S-C70 (Silver), thats just an MP3 player, with no video and WOW!!, first off manual EQ (great option), sounds very good because I’m able to adjust it, BOSE in-ear head phones (finicky), simply awesome option. I was dancing earlier (Shooters). Now lets get down to business, when I push the center button, the center button lights around play (Blue), pause area (Blue) ect… ect. it stay’s on (eats power) and stays on the default time limit, 4 to 5 seconds. For the purpose of this feature request the 4 line display above the circle pad should remain as is, (lets save power down under!..NOW) The EQ display (bouncing bands), which displays, after the center button is pushed, during playback, disappears a few seconds later along with the center blue light, which is the center of this request.

. An option to allow this, the EQ bands, (just the EQ meter) to remain on, (looks so very cool, many complements about this) with the center blue button off (only active during the actual pressing of it), to save power, is requested, looks so cool. Battery savings alone (center button cut-off) should allow this…is anybody listening??? I’m going to call if nobody responds, way cool, needs this big time. Feature request!!!..

Bottom line, “cut” the blue center light to “activated only when pressed” and give the option to allow the EQ bands, with (more color maybe??), those dancing lights “to stay on” via an options setting. Remember, any device with no options, IS DEVICE WITH NO OPTIONS>>>>.