Feature Failure?

Before purchasing my ExpressCache I did some reading about the software and I have to say I am rather dissapointed in the SanDisk version.  It seems to have gone under the knife and come out much worse for wear.  I was expecting that instead of reducing the feature set that you would in fact expand it. 

I know your company is in it for the money.  I want you to be in it for the money, but only if you are willing to DO something for the money.  Like making sure key features of software remain active.  The software features (as listed here:  https://www.condusiv.com/partners/oem/technologies/expresscache/ )  include “Ability to “pin” applications in cache for optimal first use performance.”  Who was the person as SanDisk that said “Our users will never want that!” and have they been fired yet?

If not run and do that real quick.  When my friends ask if I think they should buy this product I say, “No, not yet.  It still needs work.”

Below is a list of features that could turn your so-so product into a show stopper.

–  Fine grained control over what is cached.  Things like choosing which devices are cached (regardless of which bus they are on), which file types are cached (by file name extentions), which portions of the directory tree are cached (maybe I want My Music, but not My Pics), and yes, choosing which applications are cached.  Who knows, you might just go crazy and let the user pick from a few different caching algorithms?

–  Better software feedback for those of us that need it or want it.  It would be nice to know if one user is hogging the cache, or if “Application X” is slowing down because “Application Y” is doind background I/O and is kicking data sets out of the cache.  It would be great to know what, exactly, is being cached.  Also tighter integration with the Windows monitoring tools would not hurt.  Even handier would be “ReadyCache failed read data from sector XXXXXXXXXX on drive C:! Backup your data and run chkdsk!”

–  The option to encrypt the cache filesystem.

–  The option to schedule a regular backup of the cache metadata to the HDD.  That way if the cache fails for some reason it can be quickly restored from this file.

And here ends my two cents,



Its kind of worse then that, it doesn’t perform most of the time for me now.  I notice most times I check the cache its dropped way below 5gb even, meaning its constantly emptying itself without any indicator, they hid the popups, but it still happens.  Meaning on average I have a cache of almost nothing.

Its been a long time since this products been out, and we could have put that money towards a real ssd:(