Favorite Sandisk Mp3 Player

What is your favorite Sandisk Mp3 Player? Explain!

fudge wrote:
What is your favorite Sandisk Mp3 Player? Explain!

Only after you explain the


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Would you believe me if i told you that I am the CEO of Citigroup and I have a lot of money?

Only if you believe that I am Steve Jobs and Bill Gates all rolled into one person.

Favorite Sansa?  e280v2.  It feels the best in the hand, solid, nice screen.

Watching video, the Fuze has improvements in the interface, and a slightly larger screen.  The Clips can’t be beaten as a handy pocket music, podcast, and audiobook machine.  In other words, it’s hard to pick a winner in all situations, as each device has its strong attributes.

The e200 is a classic, with great lines.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

neutron_bob wrote:

The e200 is a classic, with great lines.


Indeed. Nothing like a classic . . .

NIIIIIIIICE!!! Even though I like '55s better, I’ll take it!

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Man, that thing is big!  A seven-inch screen and about 20mm thick.  Very reminiscent of the goofy flip-up LCD panels used in car stereos.  It has large pixels for its size too, a maximum of 480.

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Yes, Bob, it’s true: Size counts.

Heh, yah I grabbed that off an old Engadget blog. The size isn’t the point; it can be smaller or larger. The point is that the Fuze wastes real estate: 50% of its front side, and 100% of its back side. The LCD could cover the whole front size, and the controls can go on the back. It’s not as if I have to see the scrollwheel or the home button to operate them.

Understandably, the Fuze was about audio; a big screen isn’t needed. It’s different for video.

Here’s food for thought: If the Nintendo DS2 is going to have 3D screens, why not a 3D screen for a PMP, plus a converter that converts 2D videos to 3D?

Back to the OP’s question: My favorite tech toy is always the toy to come. When it comes to tech, I have zero nostalgia.