Fat is corrupted. tried all solutions in here,computer still doesnt recognize it.

when i turn it on,it says FAT is corrupted. Please connect device to PC and recover FAT.

but when i plug it in,pc doesnt recognize it. tried restarting pc,tried the programs you suggested,still nothing…

set the hold switch to locked.   press and hold the rew << key and connect to USB.

THis forces MSC mode.  YOU can then try to recover the FAT, or FOrmat the device. 

iv tried that,wont work… when i do get the pc to recognized it(got the chance,bout 2 times) i then tried formatting it,used the sdrormatter,the hp formatter and the windows formetter,it freezes and says device cannot be formatted

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i have tried that still cant be recognized…

i did get it to be recognized 2x or 3x and tried reformatting it,using the sdformatter,hp formatter and windows formatter but it freezes and says device cannot be formatted… is there any other way to reset it,like a hard reset or something?

Same thing happened with me, except it was because I had like 600 songs on an SD card in it. I just reformatted it on the computer and it worked…but now on Napster, the lil device symbol is different, and when I add songs Napster crashes : /