Fastest 128GB card for Moto G4(without paying extra?)


I’m looking to buy a 128GB card for my Moto G4 I just got, and generally read great things about SanDisk–I just don’t want to buy anything that would be overkill and not make games/apps any faster. What’s the cheapest I can get that will take as much advantage of speed as it can for my apps? I did read somewhere that some cards may have features that won’t make it any faster, and that this may mean the most expensive card isn’t necessarily going to speed my phone up any. Advice is appreciated in advance. Thanks!


in that case the only card that you can find in 128gb is the micro sd ultra card

here you can find more info about the card:

Thanks for the quick reply! Can you vouch for its speed in the more graphics-intense games(like ones that use 3D models?)


in is quite fast for games also it has 80MB/s read speed that is sufficient

I see. Thanks. Any games in particular you’ve tested out on it?


in my HTC i have used many 3D games like Temple run 2 and other high graphic games with it and never had an issue with freezing or delays