Faster fast forward mode?

I just got a c240, intending to use it for audio books from netlibrary.   The netlibrary books are DRM WMA files.  They play just fine, except for one problem.  Fast Forward is way too slow.  The netlibrary books come in as a single multi-megabyte, multi-hour file.  I’m about 3hrs in to a short 6 or so hour book. 

I’ve synced this book to the c240 and am trying to fast forward back to the 3hr mark.   Holding down FF causes the player to play for 1-2 sec, then skip15 sec, play 1-2sec, skip 15 sec.  There is just no way I’m going to sit here with my finger on that FF button that long.  Is there a faster way to FF with this player?   Or, is there a way to enter the time I want to get up to?   That 1-2 second play is pretty cool, except I wish it would skip a bit more after each stop, like 15,20,25,30,35 etc.

Note that a 6 hour book is short.  Longer books can be over 20.  Note that an accidental tap of the FF button moves to the end of the track, losing my spot, so this type of multi-hour FF is required somewhat frequently.   Not just a one time thing with a new player and partially-completed book.   As a bonus, I would *love* a way to disable the track skip buttons. 

Any ideas?  Also, does anyone have experience with the c240 and very long files?  My old sandisk 256Meg player simply didn’t work with them.  My 256Meg wave-x works fine until about the 12 hour mark, at which time it gets flakey.  

As it is now, I have to go back to the wave-x.

I have the same problem and question. I did discover something though, if you press the fast forward button and the select button at the same time it locks the fast forwarding acting so you don’t have to keep you finger on it for 10 minutes. An error message comes up when you do that but it works. For now I see no way to accelerate the fast forwarding. This is a problem that I didn’t anticipate…