"Fast" track switching in listening mode?

Just got the sansa-clip and i’m really happy with it… the only thing i’d like to know is if there’s a way to

switch through multiple tracks before it starts playing.

Like… if i want to go from track 1 to track 67…

i press 67 times to the right and then track 67 starts playing… :wink:

It’s a bit annoying that every track starts to play until i can switch to the next one.

I know that i can do that in the track-listing, but thats not so cool if you want to do that in your pockets quickly.

This is a good suggestion actually. It would be nice if this could be included in some future firmware.


Well that was just a feature my old mp3player (256mb…) had, which i used until today… :slight_smile:

Hmm, that would be a nice feature to have.

Actually this feature exists!

Load your list of songs/ album,  etc. 

Press “Pause”.

Press and hold the right arrow key,  and notice the track number increments rapidly.

Press left arrow key one by one if you overshoot. 

(In Pause mode the FF is a fast file search mode).



Ah… that’s fine (couldn’t find this in the manual anyway?).

Anyway this could work a little more rapid, (e.g. without showing me the id3-tag of every track)

but well, nothing too serious… :wink:

Thanx for the fast help! 

Actually the fastest method is

Press down arrow ,  select “Back to Music List”

Scroll up or down to the song you want and select.