Fast SD-Card for Clip Zip? Which one to buy


 I am looking for a new sd-card for my clipzip 8gb - most preferably 16gb. 

As updating the file system of my old (now defunct) sd-card has taken a considerable amount of time I would like to know what the best (=fastest) Card for a clipzip is.

Any suggestions/hints? I am not an expert of sd-Cards at all. 

thanks so much - sl 

Unless you’re using an external card reader it won’t really make any difference. The SD controller on the Clip is quite slow.

The speed of the SD card generally will not affect playability and speed within your player.  However, if you load your card with it inserted into your computer or using an external card reader attached to your computer, a faster card will load faster.  I don’t know that I would pay a lot more for a faster card, given the above, but if it’s at the same price or just a bit more, something to consider. 

You should get a class 4 card, unless you plan  to remove the card from the player when filling it. The Clip Zip and Clip+ can only write to the card at under around 5MB/s, so anything faster than class 4 is a waste. Sandisk cards are now around the same price as other high quality cards. For years they were much more expensive. The Clip Zip has  had some issues with some other brands of cards, so stick with Sandisk.

Thank you all for your kind replies! I’ll get a standard one for my Sandisk then…