Fast access playlist

Is there a way to fast access my current playlist? Usually I use folder play and use down-right combination  to access the list, but if it’d be possible, I’d like to skip this part. If its impossible or there is just no need for others for this, just delete the topic. Sorry for opening a new one just for a question, I’ve *used* the search function on the forums.

No problem.  The GoList is only accessible via Playlists > GoList.  Don’t feel intimidated by your question, as it’s better to go ahead and say hello than be frustrated with your Sansa.


And this function won’t be implemented? I mean … its not on the ‘todo’ list as many other stuff? | Anyway, thanks for the warm welcome. First when I saw that a moderator answered, I thought I’m in a huge pinch and I shouldn’t have posted a new topic… ^^