Failed to retrieve product license information.


The command   eccmd -info    run ‘as administrator’, always responds

“Failed to retrieve product license information.”

But the ExpressCache GUI always runs ok, and the “about” form show my correct activation code.

And reboot don’t change anything.

Does somebody have an idea ?

An other parameter ?

Windows 7 Pro 64,

ReadyCache V 1.1.0,

ExpressCache V 1.0.100,

latest updates.

If you look in task manager services tab is the Expresscache service running? do you see cache occuring in the cache monitor?

ExpressCache service is running , caching is enabled , and the used portion is 12-15GB.

So you gives me this idea:

stopping, then restarting the ExpressCache service and after that, eccmd-info runs correctly;

since yesterday, with no more problem.

NB : before stop/restart service, I have uninstal/reboot/instal a fresh unloaded version of ExpressCacheSetup (same version),

but the problem was not resolved.

Maybe reinstal and restart has correct this problem, who knows ?

Once more, I thank you for your good advice.