Failed to connect to iXpand Drive iPhone 7 IOS 11.1

Every time a connect my Ixpand Drive 32GB mini to my iPhone 7  upgraded to (IOS 11.1) it gives me this pop-up message which says 

 “Failed to connect to iXpand Drive. Please remove and reattach.”

My iPhone can detect the Drive but cannot connect to it.

I was not having this before resetting my iPhone 7. After the reset, this message is not allowing me to use it.

The firmware is up to date, I have formatted the drive, but nothing works…

moreover, i have used it with my other iPhone SE and it works well so the problem is with the rest of my iPhone. 

Please help me … 

there are other posts here that show this is an iOS 11 issue that only occurs after resetting an iOS 11 device. The only thing that has worked for some users is to do a full restore using iTunes (not back up then restore) this has had mixed results but you may want to try it and see if it will work for you. If not it seems you may have to wait until the fix comes from apple.