Factory settings reset

I have inadvertently reset my SANSA Fuze to factory settings. I have then transferred music.The player plays music but after a couple of minutes cuts out and a message " synchronize to continue your music subscription! Can someone advise  what the problem is andhow I fix this


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The music you transferred has digital-rights management codes in it–codes that prevent the music from playing if the Fuze doesn’t think they are authorized.

If it’s from a subscription service, like Rhapsody to Go or Napster, you have to re-authorize your Fuze through the software from whatever service you are using. If you have copied over someone else’s files, they’re not gonna play.

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Don’t forget about the ever-obnoxious Windows Media Player. It uses DRM-protected WMA’s by default. Apperently we need to be protected from…ourselfs. At the cost of making things way more complicated, might I add.

But, to get back on the subject, what program did you use to put the files on the Fuze? Did they come off of a CD? If so, what software did you use to rip the CD? Or, did you buy them from some store, like Amazon, or Rhapsody?

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