Factory Fresh

Purchased a Clip Jam - Black - 8GB unit.

When opened - it had 8 songs, already on the device.

Does it come with these songs from the factory - or have I been sent a unit that is somebody else’s return?

Secondly - in the past - there used to be a protective film on other sansa clip mp3 models(e.g screen).

Can anybody confirm if this unit should have any protective coverings of any type, anywhere on the unit itself - if factory fresh.

I am trying to ascertain - if the unit I recieved - is as advertised - i.e factory fresh - brand new & unused.

I would appreaciet any extra information/thoughts you may have, that will help me check this from the box/unit itself.

Thanks in advance,


SanDisk Clip players, at least in the past, typically have come with a number of free tracks already on them, so that you have listening joy from square 1.   ???

My guess is, your player is just fine and new. 

I have bought 3 Clip Sports in the past 9 months. All appeared to be new in sealed, over-the-counter, SanDisk packages.

All 3 players had about 8 music files and 8 Podcast files included. The music files appear to be demo versions by “indie” artists (similar to free tunes available on the Amazon website). The podcasts appear to be from NPR archives.

   You can decide what to do with these files.

The players were not wrapped in a protective film. They had a 1x1 sq inch sticker covering the album art screen.

The earphones came in a tightly wrapped plastic bag with 2 extra pairs of earbuds.

The package includes a micro USB cable in a separate plastic bag.

My Clip Jam - had no protective film covering the screen.

Can I confirm with multiple others - whether or not your unit had a sticker/cover over the screen please.

specifically the Clip Jam 8gb.

Would be grateful if anybody can confirm whether the unit should have a covering on the screen of some sort when new?

Maybe take a look at this “unboxing” video on YouTube. 


The player is taken out of the box at 3:20.  No obvious plastic wrap or sticker. 

Enjoy your new Clip Jam !!!