I am looking for information regarding the allocation unit sizes of SANDISK USB FLASH DRIVES as they are configured from the factory>  Does anyone happen to know where I can find this information?   A chart would be outstanding, however any information would be appreciated.

PS Please don’t reply asking “WHY?” or “IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE” or “JUST USE THE DEFAULT SIZE”.  These are not answers to the question, are worthless to me and show that you really don’t know much about the subject.  If you don’t know a meaningful  answer then please don’t use this question as a way to bump up your status on this site because that isn’t helpful at all.

Why do you want to know?  Have you already formatted it?  And if so why did you do that?

In that this is a user forum rather than a manufacturer forum you might not find an answer here. Try this link:


I’m looking for the factory default allocation size for my San Disk Extreme 16GB usb 3.0 flash drive too.

No one seems to know the answer.

I found that sh*t… Also was looking for this allocation info - two days :confused:

Program you need to check it is:  ChipEasy_EN_V1.5.6.6

can be downloaded for ex. here:  https://www.usbdev.ru/files/chipeasy/

It shows allocation. In my case, fancy sandisk pro 256 gb  read: 420 write 380 mb  has 32mb allocation size! That’s why is so fast…I feel kind of f*ck… anyway, I hope this program will help you guys and girls :wink:

An interesting site qweqr.  To download an English version look for the links following:

; Английские версии: