extreme query


 Sandisk 32GB 45MB/S SD Extreme Video Memory Card - Frustration Free Packaging Dear AllI have an 8gb class 10 Sandisk Extreme card HD video and as I am travelling to USA for a few weeks Florida I wanted to get some extra storage particularly for some videos - I have seen the above 32gb from Amazon and I wondered if any of you professionals would take a look and offer your advice pleaseI have been spooked as there is 1 reviewer on there who said his disk was a fake but bought through amazon on market place but this purchase would be directly with amazon I have chatted to amazon and they have stated their standard stuff that its brand new and genuine Still would be grateful if you can offer your thoughts thanks indeed

In my experience, Amazon always is a safe way to go.  It stands behind its products and if there is any issue, you can speak to its customer service via online chat, phone or email and arrange for a solution right then and there (often being sending the item back to Amazon for refund or replacement, at its cost).  I also have found the Marketplace fine enough–although I have had some issue with a few items (books) not being in as good a shape as advertised, sellers have been accommodating when there has been an issue–and Amazon also protects buyers in the Marketplace, if an issue cannot be worked out.

If there is a list of top places to purchase things online, Amazon will surely be on top of that list. Plus, 32GB is more than enough space.