Extreme clip freezing proplems/may be dead?

okay…I’ll just go from the start…

my clip wasn’t loud enough for me to even hear it…so i looked up how to make it louder and saw you can change the factory setting to north america…mine apperantly was set on Europe…So I changed it to North america and i was happy with my loud music.2 days later my mp3 player started to freeze and the pictures for the songs  were changing as if there was no song. I thought it would just pass, but it didn’t. I plugged my clip into my computer that i work at in school. Unplugged it and then it stayed on “disconneted.” until it died…so i went to the computer class where my dad works in and my dad helped me with my clip by looking for solutions on here.charging it and the reseting it…it working…only for five minutes and then it froze again. So I just reset it again. On my trip to California it turned off by itself…the battery was just fine as well. my brother had his labtop with him so we looked up how to fix it…

  1. connect it to the computer and make sure it connects

and it did connect but none of my songs showed up…

  1. unplug it and hold the power button approximently 20 seconds and then when you turn it on it should say “Refreshing media”

which it did but then it froze…so then i just left my clip in my pocket and went musicless for a week.Now I typing this because my clip has a green screen…is it completely dead now? Ive only have had this clip since july…they don’t die that fast…do they?

thankfully the screen can change from the green screen when i put it into the computer >_>

Freezing is almost always caused by the player’s inability to decypher the ID3 tags of the song files. Download MP3Tag and run the files through it, with the default Write Setting changed to ID3v2.3 ISO-08859-1.

Also, there is no shortage of discusssions/threads on this subject here on the forum if you want additional information.