Extreme 3, 2GB Compact Flash Win 7 problem

 Hi to the group, 

   Just acquired a used Extreme 3, 2GB compact flash card for my Roland sampler.  The sampler won’t work at all with this card, won’t even switch on.   So I tried to format the card on my computer:  Windows 7 (64bit).  

   Tried the quick format, and message says: “Windows was unable to complete the format’”.  Tried it with a full format and tried FAT and FAT 32, but no change.  

   My USB card reader works fine, because I bought another used card: Sandisk Ultra 2, which works in my sampler right away. 

  Could this be a faulty card, or do I need to do something different.  Thank-you


in that case where you bought a used product you cant be sure what the previous owner did with the card and that can be the issue that you are experiencing with it. in that case where another card works fine with the device the card seems to be defective and you can return it to the person/shop you bought it used.