Extreme 120, MacBook Pro upgrade, Gen 1 Intel machine - issues

Fry’s has this drive for sale for 100 bucks.  I grabbed it to see if I could breathe new life into my MacBook Pro (15", Intel Core 2 - not the core 2 Duo).

Pop it open, replace my old 5400 RPM drive w/ the SSD, and away we go. Insert Snow Leopard Family Pack original DVD, hold down the C button boot from the DVD and start my install process. No issues - until about 50% of the way in and…‘boom goes the dynamite’ …  and she crashes.

Google comes to the rescue. I screwed up and forgot to make a GUID partition on my HDD with Disk Utility. So, I reboot, hold the C key down and nothing. Machine keeps puking the Snow Leo disk back at me. Hmmmm. Zap the P-Ram. Puke. Hold the option key to force it to boot from a drive - puke. Attach the laptop to my iMac via Target Disk mode and I can see it in my disk utility windows. Yeah! Reformat the SSD, insert DVD and… Puke.


Okay…Insert Snow Leo into iMac use disk utility make a DMG file, grab random thumb drive and make the thumb drive a mountable volume by cloning my install disk onto the drive.

Pop that into the Macbook. APPLE LOGO!!! HUZZAH!!! then, an apple logo quickly becomes a ‘no-smoking’ sign. Which means “no bootable volume could be found”.

Bad SSD? Plug firewire back in, use target disk mode - begin moving files back and forth between the two machines, played a movie from it etc. - So the SSD works.

I’m out of ideas.


have you tested the memory in the laptop? errors like this during instalation are usually RMA related.