extract 10 seconds from mp3

ok, i wanna have a nice little utilty which will cut 10, or so, seconds of the song in the middle and append it to front of song file. the reason i want this is because i want to have quick little preview of song before i start listening to it. so that i will know if it’s bad and i should press “next song” button. now i usually have to listen to song 30 seconds only to find out that song is bad or that im not in the mood for it.

so anyone knows of any program that does this?

or any command line utility which extracts mp3s from mp3s? like this: extractMp3.exe -in.mp3 -out.mp3 -startPos -duration

i’ve been looking at lame library. it has ability to convert to wav. then i could manipulate wav file which has relatively simple format. then i could convert wav file back to mp3 using lame library. but that would be a lot of work. so is there some easier way?

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Just a really dumb question… Wouldn’t it be easier to just remove the “bad” song from your player?

i record songs from radio stations. now i’ve been manually filtering good ones out, but from now on i will just copy from record folder to sansa clip, less work. and as i’ve said, sometimes i’m in the mood for certain song, sometimes not. it would be nice to have preview which quickly reminds me how song sounds. there is seek button but that’s too tiring/takes too long to do for each song.

i found sox ( sox.sourceforge.net) and i think its what ive been looking for. :slight_smile: now i just need to figure out correct command line switches which will do what i want.

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i wrote it. here it is: PrependSongPreview

i purposely waited few months to iron out any bugs if there were any.

it works really nice and i can’t imagine listening to songs with my mp3 player without it.

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