external uSD card problems

I use my 4GB Sansa Clip+ to listen to both music and audiobooks.  To keep things simple I have usually loaded music on the internal memory and used a 4GB external uSD card for audiobooks - I get my books from various sources - but lately having been having lots of problems:

    -  loaded a bunch of MP3 books from CDs awhile ago, and they automatically loaded to RealPlayer without giving me a choice of where they were going - RealPlayer won’t recognize my Clip, so I copy and paste from Windows Explorer to put these books on my Clip (okay, not really a problem, but I hate RealPlayer and can’t seem to move these books anywhere else).  I copied a number of these books last night to the uSD card, and Explorer was showing the card to be about half full, but when I went to listen to them today the device was showing the card to be empty.  I plugged it back into the computer, which was still showing it to be about half full, but with no content and no folders (I had copied the books into an Audiobooks folder on the card).  Reformatted, and it’s now showing empty on Explorer as well as on the device, but now I can’t load anything on to it, and there are no folders and no way that I can see to create them.


Hi Dude, (or Dudess!)

I would recommend downloading a copy of the freeware programme “h2testw”. This will perform a check and test of your microcard. 

I recently used it to verify my usd. I was having similar issues (thread “where did they go?”) and thanks to this programme I found my card to be useless.

Good Luck!