External memory is not sensed in MyComputer

hi everyone,

I do have own one 2Gb Sansa Express.  I do have a problem that when ever I insert it to my laptop / pc, internal memory is shown under SansaExpress but the External memory card is shown occasionaly or not shown at all, but it is present and the card is sensed by the Sansa Express itself ( so card is not bad ).  Now if the external memory card is formated through sansa express, it is shown again as external memory.  Now if the device is taken out and again plugged in in laptop / pc, again the external card is not shown or recognised.

:: Alok ::

When You have visibility of both; Try a Copy & Paste operation on all the data files from internal memory to External memory. (who knows it might work):neutral_face:one of the data files on the Ext. could’ve gotten corrupted.

If You are going back & forth from Laptop to PC then it’s a Driver issue. take a look here http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=express&thread.id=414p://

 Sorry if I misunderstood Your Problem & this didn’t help.