Extended VOX recording?

Is there a way to make the Clip NOT time-out if there is silence for too long?  I have a situation where I want to record the crying (or lack thereof) in a baby’s room for several hours.  Currently, if I use the VOX mode and just let it record, if there is NO crying for too long, it just decides to stop recording.

Is there some option or way to make it so that it does VOX mode so that I can do long-term recording and only get the noise – but not have it give up listening if there is silence for more than an hour or more?


I think you’d be better off using an old-fashioned tape recorder for this task.

Well, thanks, but I’ll need to respectfully disagree.  Other devices can do this – and it seems like the Clip should be able to do it fairly easily if the firmware was so designed.

I read lots of posts here about people doing 10 hour recordings and such with their Clip.  Shouldn’t be that weird to want to be able to do that and also skip the silent parts.

Thanks though.