ExpressCache version 1.3.2 released

You guys think we’ll ever see an update of this software?

It has literally been 6 months since they released 1.3.2 with a pretty big known bug (and many more listed in forum posts).  There has been no new release or status update.  There has been so little updates or information about updates that I’m surprised that Sandisk hasn’t officially announced ReadyCache as an unsupported legacy product.

Yeah, I stopped checking for updates as the lack of feedback made it clear that there probably won’t be much coming in the future.

I have similar problem - when cache reaches 26GB, it seems it does not work at all - reboot slower, frequent applications start longer, flat line of cache usage on the readycache software graph.

And it looks like that SanDisk does not care any more about the product as this known issue has not been resolved for over 7 months.

I have a solution for this problem (slow when filled up) but it’s not a fix for a the actual ‘bug’.

Why did I put bug into brackets?

Small back-story:

SSD’s become slower as they’re filled up. Depending on the firmware and controller, one is more sensitive to this issue as the other. Any SSD becomes faster when some of it’s space is left unpartitioned. Usually 12% (or ideally 25%).

Sandisk’s ReadyCache uses Sandisk’s own controller. It’s a very simple controller that has very low IOPS. It’s also used in the Sandisk Standard drives. These drives become so slow when filled up that they become almost unusable.

This is why Sandisk can’t fix this ‘bug’. Since it isn’t a bug but a hardware limitation. They advertise the drive as 32GB and can’t suddenly make it 25GB to fix this issue.

How to make it 25GB so you don’t have to empty it every once in a while:

  • open the ExpressCache software and disable caching

  • open an elevated command prompt and type diskpart

- type “list disk” (note the drive number of the SSD)

- type “select disk n” (n = the drive number found above)

- type “clean”

  • type “exit”

- navigate to the ExpressCache directory by typing “cd C:\Program Files\Condusiv Technologies\ExpressCache”

- type “eccmd -partition n 25000” (n = the same number found above)

- open the ExpressCache software and enable caching. you’ll notice the the cache size is around 24.4GB

This way you lose some cache space but the ReadyCache will stay speedy. 24GB of cache space is still plenty.

Thanks for the tip.  I did this over the weekend.  But, unless I keep my cache under 16GB I get delays in startup from a cold boot on my AMD system.  I am officially done with this drive.  I’m going to put my OCZ Synapse back in my system tonight.  I didn’t pay for a 16GB ssd for caching.  If this drive needed 50% overprovisioning to work properly it should have done with OCZ did with the synapse made it a 64GB drive and overprovisioned it to 32GB. 

Sandisk needs to update the ReadyCache software and release a newer ssd to use with it.  Honestly, I feel with how awful this product has been Sandisk should do right by their customers and give a discount on a new product.

Well I had to switch my AMD system from AHCI to RAID for another problem I was having.  The old Dataplex software for my OCZ Synapse doesn’t support RAID mode on AMD SATA controllers.  So I am going to have to re-install the ReadyCache drive and use the ExpressCache 1.3.2.  I guess I will have to limit the size of my cache drive to 16GB until there is a new version of ExpressCache.  I sent a question directly to Sandisk asking if they are going to ever update it again since it has been 9 months since an update.

i don’ t think they’ re working on an update…

We do not expect any new release of ExpressCache.

Think you are right about that.  Contacted Sandisk via chat and was told the same thing.

This is a nice concept but flawed in execution for some systems.  I suspect no native BIOS AHCI support on these systems may have something to do with it.  That, and running programs such as an APC UPS program live will result in inordinately high I/O systemwide on a continuous basis.

Ever since I installed 1.3.2 I have been having the long wait at boot time and I also think there is a bug when I install updates on my machine as well. I am running Windows 8.1 update 1 with all the updates (optional and mandatory) on my machine. I would have thought that the SanDisk software after there has been update would have clearred the cache but it doesn’t seem too.

Anybody got any ideas on this one?

I’ve now had to unistall ReadyCache 1.3.2 because of the number of times that it caused problems with the latest Windows updates.

Sandisk really need to sort this ou t as currently I am thinking that this product is " not fit for purpose" if you are running Windows 8.1 update 1 which is now patched to the latest level.



I can’t even install the new version because of bluescreen (win7 x64) or get the old version activated with my key.

After all this problems it would be a good idea to open up all old activation keys to use for more than 3 times to let the customers at least try themselfes to find a workaround. My key worked but after I had to fall back to a restore point not working any more (even at the same machine). So I can not use the SSD at all now.

Is there any other 3rd party caching software that we can use (I don’t feel sorry to ask this question here as I paid a lot of money for nothing that I can use so far) really upset!!