ExpressCache is no longer working after updating to Windows 10 Manual Fix

I was able to uninstall but can not installe, cant find my SanDisk cache …im getting WERY TIRED …

did the uninstall / install multiple time, still couldn’t get it to work for Win 10:


  1. eccmd -info -> Failed to retrieve product license information.

  2. ExpressCache app -> ExpressCache can not launch. Try using the original user account for the first time.

Checked registry for existence of: SCSI\Disk&Ven_SanDisk&Prod_SDSSDRC032G…

This manual method worked for me.

There was one difference – at step 11, download and reinstall ExpressCache again, when I first booted a window popped up that said something like “Express Cache did not uninstall completely”.   And when I ran the setup progam to re-install it, the program instead asked me if I wanted to UN-install it – so I said yes, let that uninstal finish, rebooted again, and ran the setup program again – and this time it offered to install the program, which I did.

I also installed the app – for the first couple boots I was worried, as the cache seemed stuck at 0.07GB, but a couple more boots and it started filling up at a good clip with a good percentage of reads coming from the cache.

Thanks Slotmonter and Conducive programmers!

Can someone post a zip somewheres of thier “C:\Windows.old\Program Files\Condusiv Technologies”? I deleted my Windows.old before I noticed this issue (I know right? I even work in IT…shame).

Thanks in adv!

I have a problem with my Ready Cache SSD. I can not play Gefixte Software Express Cache for Windows 10th Because in Device Manager is to SSD under Ergebisse: The unit “SCSI \ Disk & Ven_SanDis_ & Prod_SDSSDRC032G \ 4 & 118795f3 & 0 & 000000” could not be migrated. Thus, the software does not find namely the SSD. My question is how I can in the Regedit for the device “SCSI \ Disk & Ven_SanDis_ & Prod_SDSSDRC032G \ 4 & 118795f3 & 0 & 000000” shall be migrated? After update until now I have the Sandisk Ready cache used with Intel® Smart Response Technology, as the Software Express Cache until recently not 10 running under Windows. Now there is a fix for the software. Only the Software Express Cache can not be installed because the can not find the SSD and I think that at Intel SSD Cache Intel® Smart Response Technology use in the Regedit what has bent flat. Therefore, the device can “SCSI \ Disk & Ven_SanDis_ & Prod_SDSSDRC032G \ 4 & 118795f3 & 0 & 000000” could not be migrated. The Intel® Smart Response Technology, I have planned only as a temporary stopgap. But the software Express Cache caches all HDs in system no matter which controller hanging. While the Intel® Smart Response Technology, only the boat caches Raid 0 drive. I have two HD’s as Raid 0, a HD 3 TB as a data HD and HD for backups. Thus, the Software Express Cache is much better in the function in connection with my Sandisk SSD Cache Ready. I want to save my Sytem themself. So I want that fixed on the Regedit. I just do not know where I put there because He has value SCSI \ Disk & Ven_SanDis_ & Prod_SDSSDRC032G \ 4 & 118795f3 & 0 & 000000 the SSD is migrated.

I had the same issue. There is a mistake in step 1.

The post incorrectly says:

  1. Copy all files located in  C:\Windows.old\Program Files\Condusiv Technologies to  C:\Windows\Program Files\Condusiv Technologies

  2. It should actually say (don’t copy to C:\Windows\Program Files but instead copy to C:\Program Files):

Copy all files located in  C:\Windows.old\Program Files\Condusiv Technologies to  C:\Program Files\Condusiv Technologies

Edited to add… this appears to have worked for me.

But I have uninstalled Software Express Cache still under Win 8.1. So before I did the update to Win 10th Because I had read here that there are problems under Win 10. Thus I have no file can I move. Also I immediately deleted immediately after Windows.old for update.

I guess the Intel SSD where I as Intel® Smart Response Technology was causing the problem in the Regedit because after disabling the Intel® Smart Response Technology feature is the problem the unit "SCSI \ Disk & Ven_SanDis_ & Prod_SDSSDRC032G \ 4 & 118795f3 & 0 & 000000 "Could not be migrated.
Sodas the Software Express cache does not find. My question is how do I fix the problem?


Apparently you are not the only one with the same issue. Please try to change the string in your registry key:

Ven_SanDis_&Prod_SDSSDRC032G to


Somehow SanDisk became SanDis_, Not sure why…

After that you should be able to install the software.

Any chance you can post your “PF\Condusiv Technologies” in a zip file somewhere (OneDrive/Google Drive, etc) and share it w/ me? I would really appriciate it.

I removed Windows.old too…

any solution? :mansad:


And how and where do I change the Regedit.


  1. Open the registry: right click on the Windows program button (lower left), select “run”, type “regedit”, click OK.

   This should open the registry.

  1. Browse to the key:


1.  Open the registry:
     Right click the Lower left Windows button and select “run”, type “regedit” and click OK

2.  Browse to the key:


  1. Change the registry value that shows Ven_SanDis_& to Ven_SanDisk&

  2. Try to install ExpressCache

samsung np550 pc 1 tb+8gbssd hybrid disk.



select disk 1


its ok.

uninstall the express cahce ok

but i can’t install expresscache please help how to handle it manualy.


You need a ReadyCache device to install ExpressCache software.

It will show SDSSDRC032G in the registry.

when i use windows 8 , it was working?

8 gb ssd not working now

It’s a 32GB SSD, not 8GB

ok. you say expresscache is only for 32gb ssd device.

what is mine ?why the 8gb ssd not working ? do you have any idea or can you help me?

I upgraded my W7 to W10 on my ASUS UX32A ultrabook.

Then I cloned it (500GB HDD) to an SSD (500GB).

When I looked for the Sandisk 24GB SSD to use it as a drive it was nowhere to be seen.

How do I restore the Sandisk 24GB SSD for use as a drive?

Use the disk partition tool to create and format the drive for normal usage.