ExpressCache.exe high CPU utilization

I’m having a strange issue with ExpressCache.exe. I have a Windows Media Center computer with the following components:

MB: Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H (AMD 785G chipset with DDR2 memory)

CPU: AMD Phenom II x6 1045T (six cores @ 2.7GHz)

RAM: 6GB (2 x 2GB and 2 x 1GB modules, all DDR2 667MHz)

Video: Radeon 6770 1GB
HDD: 1TB Western Digital Green

Tuner: Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 ATSC/ClearQAM PCIe card

OS: Windows 7 64-bit with SP1 and all current patches. All drivers updated as of two days ago.

Every day one or two shows get recorded and then transcoded into MP4 for viewing on my Android tablet. That’s the only taxing activity on it. I do watch live TV occasionally, and I use it to check news sites and web based email. But that’s it.

The issue I’m seeing since installing the ReadyCache drive is that on startup ExpressCache.exe will hardly use any CPU, but during transcoding it’s CPU usage will climb until it hits 15-20% and then it gets stuck there. I’ve left the system idle for four or five hours and the CPU usage by ExpressCache.exe never drops.And the really strange thing is, it’s not sticking to one CPU core. If I pop open Task Manager, it currently shows 19% usage, 17% by ExpressCache.exe and there are spikes for each CPU core. The first three cores seem to stay between 5 and 40 percent, while the last three are between 1 and 10 percent. It looks like the program will spike up to 30-40% on core one, then that drops to around 5-10% and simultaneously it jumps to 30-40% on core 2, then it repeats on core 3 and loops back to start over again on core 1. The variation on cores 4 to 6 is much less and they never seem to break 20% or so.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?

Update (1/2/2013): I added a second hard disk just to host recordings and this appears to have solved the issue, at least temporarily. I’ll find out for certain after I’m upgraded to my new tuner next week. The ReadyCache upgrade was part of several improvements I’m making as part of a switch to a cablecard three tuner system and a pair of Xbox 360s as WMC extenders. Once that’s complete this will become the primary DVR for the entire household, so recordings will be going up to four or five a day. Crossing my fingers.

Yes it happened to me last night. I have an AMD 8350 8 core cpu and one core was pegged in usage. I did a restart and all is well. Last night was first time i had noticed it.

It is not unusual to see a spike, even momentary, in the CPU usage with ExpressCache installed. There are several operations that will take place, in the background to assure that the disk remain defragmented and it will use some of the “unused DRAM” as part of it’s tiered caching solution.

Rick Willis


I’ve been paying more attention to Express Cache and its is constantly pegging one core to full usage. It happens usually when I’m playing a game. I’ll quit the game and EC will stay fully using 1 core and it will stay that way until I do a restart. I even left my computer on over night. The whole time Express Cache was pegging out 1 core. 

Some more info.

I just tried to disable Expresscache through the GUI. The service is STILL running and STILL using 100% of one core.



What I’ve ended up doing is opening Services.msc and restarting the Expresscache service. This drops cpu usage back down to normal. I have to do this EACH time I run a program thats stresses my computer for a while.

Any word on when a software update will be available? 

Readycache has huge potential but is being held back by the software.

We will need to gather addition information when ExpressCache is “pegging” the CPU.

Please supply the following:

  1. OS Version
  2. System Info using msinfo32. use save as option.
  3. ExpressCache version
  4. Application dump (ExpressCache.exe) when this happens.

Please forward the information directly to :

Many thanks,