Express won't charge - no computer recognizes it

My Express is running fine.  It sees my songs and plays them, no problem.

Thing is, the battery’s getting down.  Prior to yesterday evening, it would recharge without issue when I plugged it into my home PC (XP Home Media) and my work computer (XP SP3).  Now, neither of them ‘see’ the SE, and the SE doesn’t come on and show the transfer or charging graphics.  I have tried pushing all the buttons, but no go.  Putting the SE in the computer leaves it in a state where I can start it up while it’s in the USB port, which I normally can’t.

Please help; it won’t do me any good if the stupid thing “works” but can’t be charged.

There are possible ways to troubleshoot the device please follow the link and follow the instructions and try to updat the firmware as well;

Updating the Sansa Express firmware;

Hope this help. :wink: