Express: Feature Suggestions

1.) Lyrics support. My sister’s transcend mp3 player has that function and it’s the same form factor as the express.

2.) “Add Album,” “Add Artist,” “Add Playlist,” “Add Genre” to Go List functions. I like how their’s a small go list playlist function on there. However, it’s a pain to go through each and every song. It would be also great if it’s saves onto the express and you can copy it to your computer (don’t know if it’s possible with WMP11 though)

3.) MTP to MSC: Well, I don’t mind this function really, until today. I like to be able to use my SE on my school’s macs without the worry of it wiping all my music (for some reason, I plugged it in just to charge, and when I eject it, all the music is gone!). If possible, there should be an option to disable the MicroSD slot (that way it won’t wipe my music again)

4.) CLOCK: Sorry, but sometimes I don’t have my cellphone with me xD

5.) A small goodbye message/abort message: Just incase you forget to turn off you sleep setting =P

Other than that, possible fixes:

1.) Better randomization: I noticed that it’s the same unless I turn off my SE

2.) Adding “The” to the Artist scroll list while still maintaing the alphabetical order (e.g. The Fray, Flobots, etc.)

And if there was to be a second sansa express on the way…

1.) Slimmer form factor. I love the oveall design with the glossy top =D

2.) Move the lanyard/key chain attachment near the headphones (I feel insecure that someone can just yank my mp3 player off and run)

3.) Some kind of port WITH A COVER for the microSD (Another insecurity of mine)

4.) Lefty support? I’m not left handed, but I bet this would help those who are =D

Since it’s small, the use of a color LCD and picture support wouldn’t be neccessary. In fact, I think the two color LCD

Other than that, nice job sansa =D

Message Edited by soyandrice on 11-18-2008 12:43 PM

I don’t have an Express, but my Fuze has a microsdhc card, and I worried about it popping out too, until I got a Clip to carry out and about. I don’t know what the chances are of the card popping out, but it’s 2/3 of my memory…ya know?:wink: