Express Cache installation error: ecbase.dll file can not be found

As the title shows when I run the installer (v1.2)  I get the “ecbase.dll file can not found. make sure the files is on target system or installed already”    message and I can’t complete the installation.I have already tried to reinstall and  also I re download the setup file 2 times but the issue persists.  I run windows 8 64bit. Any suggestions please?

I have the same problem ???

I have this problem too. Then, I give it a try again today, Before that I uninstall PerfectDisk 12.5 and installed Diskeeper 2012 instead, update a lot of driver including wlan, nvidia gpu, realtek hd audio, bluetooth. Then today the installation went fine without any problem! In fact, I didn’t use SanDisk ReadyCache software, but I used Asus ExpressCache 1.0.100 on my Asus S46CM.