Express Cache constant IO Access

I have Ready Cache drive on my system and noticed my HD activity light is constantly on recently.  I went to the Windows Task manager to see what processs is the offending application and have found that ExpressCache.exe is constantly reading.  This same thing happened last week, and it eventually stopped, but today, it is doing it again.

The drive is changing fairly rapidly on the portion used.  I see it going up and down between 15G up to 29.79G.

I would have suspect it is moving stuff around and changing the items on the drive, but the IO write is not changing.

As I type the message, the IO Read Bytes went from 200,000,000 to 220,000,000 while the IO write Bytes has stayed at 74,498

The only other processes that I see access the IO is my AVG (virus scan) and the System process.

EDIT… As I finished writing this message, I am monitoring the ExpressCache application, it changed the status to Caching… and dumped the entire Cache from 29.82 to empty, and is now in the process of writing the data back to the drive.  That said, the IO Write number remains at 74,498.

Funny, I just wrote a forum post explaining my problem with ReadyCache which is exactly the same as yours. So at least we’re not alone…

I noticed this same problem the other day. My HD light was lit up like a Christmas tree… though I couldn’t find the culprit.

Regarding the reported “constant IO access” , which version of ReadyCache or ExspressCache is being used?