Expired Message

I have 2 of these mp3 players now and I bought a new one for my daughter. The power button malfunctioned after less than a week after purchase so I sent it back and received a new one. The new one says “expired no user info” Then it says “expired please connect to kiosk to authorize device”  I am clueless as to what that means. None of my others did this so this is new. After doing some research online (many hours later) I’ve downloaded the updater and even with the device connected is still says “plug in your device and wait instructions”. Then I found something to format it, which is not an available option because that option does not show up anywhere on my PC or Windows media player. Windows media player recognizes the device and says it’s connected. The device says it’s connected to the computer but as soon as you unplug it, I get the same 2 messages again. I’ve tried putting music on it, that does not work. I’ve tried everything I could think of or read about and I’m lost. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am not tech Savvy and the other 3 I just plugged in, put music on and that was it. 

Turn it on.

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode

Make that MSC.

See if you can connect to your computer and send music over.

You can also Format the unit under Settings/System Settings. Try that if you want.

To update the firmware, forget the Updater.  Go back to the Firmware Update thread, near the top of the open  page, and read the manual firmware installation instructions.