Experiencing Random Reboots on Extreme II used as system/boot drive

I am experiencing random reboots on my Extreme II SSD.   About one a day or every other day.  My other boot drive on the same system is a Toshiba SSD, which has had zero random reboots.  Both of these SSDs are attached to the two available SATA III ports.

My System specs are:

Window 8.1 Pro - with all updates

Motherboard - ECS X77H2-A3

16GB RAM - 4 slots filled

Core i3-3225

BIOS American Megatrends Inc. 4.6.5, 1/4/2013

can you get a complete memory dump after one of the resets? we can analyze the memory dump and see if it can point us in the right direction as to what is causing the issue. 

Here is a article on how to set your computer up to give a complete memory dump and where to find it.


I followed the directions and now have the MEMORY.DMP file in c:\Windows.  The next time I experience a reboot, I will return.  I hope I don’t have to…

Thank you for your assistance.

Hi Rob, did you experience this issue again and do you have the dump file already?

Yes, just had one now.  What do I do with the MEMORY.DMP file?

I downloaded a program called WhoCrashed and it says the reboot is related to my ATI Radeon drivers.  But that would not explain why my computer reboots while the Etreme II is the system drive, but not when I boot with my Toshiba SSD…

Please advise what to do with MEMORY.DMP file for troubleshooting drive.

you can upload it here but if whocrashed says it is related to ATI radeon drivers it would not seem the BSOD is caused by the SSD. Not sure why the crash is not occurring when a different drive is in the computer but I would start with checking ATI website to see if updated drivers are available.

uhh,got any solution !!!