Experience with 8GB MicroSDHC card

Hey folks;

Recently got an 8GB MicroSDHC card for my Connect.  Synced 1526 songs on it (7.3GB).  Syncing the songs onto the card was remarkably fast.  Unfortunately, once the card was inserted, it took 6 1/2 minutes (that’s 390 seconds) for the Connect to read the songs and add them to its database.

Not necessarily unacceptable, just an FYI … I’ll be sleeping my Connect instead of shutting it down from now on.  :wink:

That’s actually about 3.9 songs per second, when you break it down…  for over 1,500 songs, I don’t think 6-7 minutes is too unreasonable, personally. :smiley:

One question, though.  Did you sync the songs onto the card using a reader, or using the Connect’s data cable?  It might actually be faster overall if you do it that way because the computer can (theoretically) provide the ID3 information for each song during transfer, but I haven’t tested this myself from a performance perspective.  That and I don’t have an 8GB card yet.

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No, it’s not unreasonable, but it’s also not an amount of time I’d want to wait after turning the player on … hence my comment about sleep.  :wink:

I use MediaMonkey for syncing music, and unfortunately MediaMonkey doesn’t provide access to the card while in the player (yet), so I used a reader.

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