Expansion for Jam and Playlist/Genres

I have what looks like to predecessor to the Jam - a clip 8+8.

In order to get a larger capacity  I bouht the clip sport and have bitterly regretted the waste of money.

On the off chance I put a 32GB card in my old unit and it works! So I now have 40 gb, which is enough to carry around.

Once the battery eventually goes (mine is about 3 years old), which replacement should I get? Is there a ‘Jam’ that will read the 64GB card?

Finally, the killer for me on the Clip sport was, no genres and the impossibility of getting playlists to work.

Is there any feedback on how this is for the Jam?

Many thanks,


The Jam will read a 64GB card IF it is re-formatted to FAT32. Having said that though, the Jam ALSO has a file limit of 2000 (+/-) on its internal memory and its external (card) memory separately. They cannot be combined.

So unless your files are humongous, there will be a lot of unusable space on a card in this player even at 32GB. Note also that larger files mean less will be recognized in the database.

You will however be able to navigate to the files using the Folder option. Using this method though has other drawbacks.

My Jam can take a 64gig exfat card without formating with the device to fat32.  I haven’t tried a 128 gig in it but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work except browsing could be slow if you don’t split up your files\folders enough.  It might also be limited to what it can display but my stuff is organized in such a way where it wouldn’t matter.  Browsing by tags never really worked for me on any mp3 player ever made.  Everythingsshows up in file\folder browsing on the jam unlike an unrockboxed clip plus, zip or fuze plus.  I never really cared for these rockbox ports, I just used them to browse by file folder anyway.  Another bonus for me is the jam doesn’t run down the battery after five hours.  I’ve been getting about 13 hours out of mine.

As for the playlists they’re so hard to get working on the jam that I wouldn’t bother with those at all on this device.

But again, a likely issue with the use of such a large card is the player’s database file limit, as mentioned above.   :frowning: