Exact ID3 specification?

Hi there,

can anyone tell me what the exact specification for the ID3 tags are that can be read by the clip? I know that it is ID3 2.3, but what about the encoding? unicode 16? Sansafix can probably answer this.  I just want to be sure, before I downgrade all my ID3 tags in my library.



My experience was that the Clip will handle both Unicode and regular 8-bit tags.  However, I found that under Genre, for example, the Clip considered a Unicode “Classical” to be a different genre than a regular 8-bit Classical, even though it displays them identically.  So, my Genre display showed two instances of Classical.

So it may be that you just have to be consistent in what you use to avoid confusion.

But Sansafix will no doubt have an official ruling on this.


I couldn’t find any information related to the Clip on that page. Maybe you can be more precise?