EXACT format of supported mp3 tags?


I was having a ton of trouble with my fuze+ and mp3 tags. It would freeze, refuse my tags etc. My tags have extended characters in them (accents etc) and no suggested formats where accepted (ID3 whatever version, iso-8859 charset etc).

The problem is that many people don’t use windows media player as their music player.

SANDISK, please understand, that makes people think your product is garbage.

I eventually found out that fuze+ is EXACTLY compatible with windows media player tags.

So please, what is the EXACT fomat of mp3 tags accepted by fuze+, and the EXACT character set?

In the meantime, for people that have the patience, you neeed to “touch” your mp3 files, that is, show them in windows explorer, “select all”, change their genre to something like “x”, save them, and then change it back to their original genre.

 ID3v2.3  ISO 8859-1 works just fine for me. 

I has a lot of problems with tags (I use Linux) and the only solution was retag my mp3s with ID3 2.3 (no 2.4!!) and ISO 8859.