Ever Since using the 32gb sandisk gruzer glide on sunday I get an error every time i reboot

On sunday I purchased and used the sandsick gruzer and now i get a windows exception code everytime I reboot that thinks my cruzer is in the usb slot and even thinks my printer hooked up in the usb slot is a storage device.

This NEVER happened until I used your cruzer.

Tell me how to fix it because i am very upset your device changed my entire system.

What version of Windows are you running?  XP?

Obviously your printer and Gruzer aren’t playing nice together.  Try uninstalling the printer, unplug both devices, reboot, plug in the Gruzer, then plug in the printer and when prompted reinstall it’s drivers and apps.

This might also work the other way around. Try using a system restore and see how it works for you.