European Regulations


I’m considering using a SanDisk Clip Jam to listen to audiobooks from

The problem is that there’s a sound restriction on the Clip Jam due to European regulations, but appartently this can be avoided by choosing the rest of the world option.

Seeing as I am in the the UK, if I set my region to ‘Rest of the World’, will I be breaking any laws?

Thank you

EDIT: Also, does the Clip Jam now play .aax files as well?

the regulation is for manufacturers due to the risk of hearing loss when using headphones at a high level. I dont think the authorities would bust in your door if you choose to change this setting and listen to your books at the higher level. That said however if you do change that setting you are assuming all risk and responsibility that could occur in regards to hearing loss. 

Thanks for the reply

I just had an email from SanDisk and they said it wasn’t breaking any laws so I guess it’s ok