Error while transfering from Rhapsody with memory chip installed

Is there a problem transfering songs from rhapsody to the fuze internal when a external memory chip is in the fuze?

I was trying to download to my fuze today and kept getting transfer errors. I shut the fuze off removed the memory chip hooked back up and the download went error free.

I was not trying to download to the external memory chip.


I don’t have any problems transfering to internal with an mSD inside. 

few questions:

what size mSD are you using?

what content are you transferring (channel, subscription or imported)? 

Try going to manage devices and deauthorizing all your devices. Than reconnect the fuze with your mSD inserted and authorize/license the device.  

It is a 512 mb card that came preloaded with music. I transferred a channel from rhapsody and some music then received a error saying incompatible download. I then disconnected shut the fuze off reconnected same thing again. Then removed card and download worked.

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it sounds like it is trying to transfer channel tracks to your mSD card when it is inserted, even if you told rhapsody to transfer to internal.  I think this was a problem with the old firmware. 

can you check system settings > info and tell me what version your using? if it is 01.01.07,  try upgrading the firmware to 01.01.11, it is posted in these forums.  Then try again and see if the problem occurs.

Version V01.01.11a is the version that is installed.

I’ve had issues with the microSD card and Rhapsody also… I’ve taken to just popping it out before starting Rhapsody instead.

If you have a Playlist, and set it to Auto-Sync with the player, it will try and copy it to both the player and the SD card.  Not an ideal operation. >.<; 

Ah!  Time to upgrade the Rhapsody client to the new build,!

The Sansa Fuze was having issues with the R4 client, as it was getting confused by the presence of the µSD card.

RealNetworks has released the new build with a solution for this error.

When your Rhapsody 4 client is up and running (don’t connect the Fuze as yet), click on Help > Check for updates, and download the new build.

Your Fuze will be quite happy with it!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks I will try that.