Error when trying to add or delete files from card

I bought two of my kids the shakers.  I deleted and loaded songs onto my son’s shaker just fine.  Then I plugged in my daughter’s shaker and tried to add and delete and I get an error message that says “The disk is write protected.  Remove the write protection or use another disk”.  I checked the card and the slider on the side is in the same spot as my sons, but I slid it down and slid it back into place anyway.  It didn’t help.  I also restarted the computer.  No help.  I then tried to reformat the card and it gave me an error that the disk is write protected and wouldn’t let me reformat it.  HELP?!!?!?


sounds like it might be a bad card, you could prbbaly exchange the player where you bought it, or call sandisk to replace the card. you can buy a 1gb card for 20 bux, just so ya know

Hi Lisa, I am having this problem as well.  How did you solve your problem? 

As this shaker was a gift for my dd the packaging was not kept.  Therefore returning it may be an issue.  Hoping you can help me.

Thank you

Mindi in Nevada

I’m also having this problem – with the SD card I got with the Shaker and with a new one.  Both of them worked fine for a while, but now I can’t edit anything.

Did anyone ever find a fix for this issue - in the process of syncing music to my niece’s sansa shaker 512mb via windows media I have inadvertently added a file that I can NOT remove/delete.  I have tried formatting the player via My Computer to remove this file (file is titled WMPIinfo.xml) and I get the error message “disk is write protected”.  PLEASE HELP!  I can I delete this file.  It will not let me add any songs to the mp3 until I delete this file.

YEAHHHHHH I fixed it.  I disconnected the player from the computer, removed the memory card & battery.  THEN …

  1. Reconnected the player via USB

  2. Viewed the player via My Computer

  3. Renamed the annoying file to an .mp3

  4. I was then able to delete the file AND just to make sure I also ‘formatted’ the player as well

I was then able to sync the mp3 files via Windows Media Player with NO problems.

So far it plays A-OK.


FYI WMPinfo.xml is a file placed on the device by windows media player. no need to delete it.

also, try different Shakers/card readers just to be sure