error when playing overdirve files on sansa clip with overdirve media

I wish to play overdrive files from my library on my sansa clip 2g with version 1.01.18.  There is no problem with transfer(via overdirve media console). When I attempt to play the files i get the message “syncronize to continue your music subscription”  Of course i do not have a subscription, the library has one.   How should i proceed.


hi there, to correct this problem.  You could try this method to clean out the license files that are placed on your device.

  1. Go to Settings menu and choose the Format option to format your device completely to wipe out any unnecessary stuff.  However, do back up things that you don’t want to delete permanently.

2.  Once you’ve formatted, try to transfer the netlibrary contents to the device again to see if it works (make sure you still have the license to use your netlibrary contents or else it will pop up the same message.  Note: netlibrary contents are like rented material, you can only check it out for a period of time, it’s not going to be permanently playable on your device.  Once the license expired, you either log in your account to renew it or delete it from your device)

Hope this helps.

Thank you. It worked.