Error when copying files to Fuze ( :Zone.Identifier:$DATA )

Lately, when copying some MP3s to my Fuze, I have started getting the following box popping up (it’s a windows pop-up)

Confirm Stream Loss

The file ‘The Podcast of the Day.mp3’ contains more than one data stream, but the destination volume does not support this feature. Some data will not be preserved as a result.
Information that will not be preserved includes:


Do you want to proceed anyway? (Yes) (No)

I hit Yes, and it copies over fine. The file seems to play fine. But, what IS this? It never used to pop up. Not sure if that started after a FW update.

Fuze 4GB + 8GB card, Firmware v02.02.26T, Windows 2000 SP4, file manually copied onto the Fuze via Win Explorer. I use MP3Tag to set the file info, could that have something to do with it?


I just Googled that Zone Identifier line and found this:

Seems to be some security thing in Windows. I don’t know why you’re getting it, but it looks like you can ignore it.

I always use mp3tag and never have any problems–under Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg it’s set to Write ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 tags. 

Thanks for the link… very interesting. Scary the info that is collected whenever you do, well, anything on a computer. I kind of figured it wasn’t a real problem, since the files still play just fine. Although like everything else with Microsoft, their attempts to control what I do with my own stuff predictably produces nothing but needless annoyances and poor user experiences… why I’m getting something other than Windows next upgrade. It’s not coming from IE, however, since I use Firefox exclusively. ALTHOUGH, now that I think about it, it might have started happening after a FF upgrade (3.5 ■■■■■, this would just add to the list of problems with it…)

Can’t anything just plain WORK anymore? Anything?? :stuck_out_tongue: