Error Message

I am new to MP3 players so this may be a dumb question. I downloaded several of my CDs to my PC and then “dragged and dropped” them n to my e200. When I try to play some of them I receive a message that says: “syncronize to continue your music subscription”. I am not sure what this means. Am I not going to be able to listen to these CDs on my device?

Did you rip your CD’s with Windows Media Player? And did you rip them in .wma format? If so, you might have “Copy Protect Music” checked in the “rip music” options. This initiates DRM rights, and opens a big can of worms! I would make sure this option is un-checked, and if it was checked when you ripped your CD’s, delete the files from both your player and computer. Then re-rip & re-copy them DRM-free.

Of course if you rip in .mp3 format, this isn’t an issue.

Thank you very much. It wqas “Windows Media Audio” which I assume is .wma. And yes the copy protect box is checked. Based on what you said I will still use the .wma selection and uncheck the box. It is funny tho because some of the CDs I can listen to and some I cannot. Thanks again for the help!!