Error message when plugging in!

Need some advice from a pro out there, purchased the missus a Clip for Christmas, when I plug it in to my PC, (updated with all the requirements, SP2, and all other updates as well) I get the following message: ‘The required section was not found in the INF’ I’ve tried reformatting, restarting, resetting, and all the other ‘re’s’ I can think of and I’m out of options. Could a pro out there please advise me what I need to do? And thanks for your assistance!! When I plug it in in goes through all the usual gyrations when plugging in new hardware, it rocognizes it, but then when you attempt to do the install is when I get the above message.  It searches, and searches and then, I get the dreaded Not Found in INF message.  Thanks again.

ok…here is what I think you could try…force the device into MSC mode by slide the power button backward into HOLD mode, then press-n-hold the center button (where the ring is) WHILE plug in your PC…once you’ve done that to get into MSC mode…format the device, then upgrade the device by following this link direction:  Once you got it updated, you will have the option to choose between MTP and MSC…MSC behaves like a USB drive where you can just drag and drop songs and done.  Try it to see if it works…if it does not…I think there might be some files corrupted on your computer, so you might think about un-install your WMP11 and reinstall again to see if it fixes the problem.

kmc2005, thanks for the help, it worked!! I do however have one other question for you, some of the files I attempted to drap and drop say they are protected, and will not load, how do I get permission to add these. Ironically, they are from CD’s I purchased and ripped to my PC.  Thanks again for you help!!

Here is the link on how to ripped CD music onto your device.  In your case, you should unselect the option “Protected” when you ripped because if you do, I cannot do drag and drop.  You have to use WMP10 or WMP11 to sync those to your device.  If you follow the link instructions, it should be very simple and straight forward.