error message "the file is too large for a destination folder"

I purchased 2 types of memory card. Sandisk micro sdhc class 4 16gb & micro hdhc class 10 16gb for my galaxy tab 7+. when i tried to transfer a movie file size 4.5gb, this error message appear  “the file is too large for a destination folder”. i have tried every other way but still doesn’t work. both memory cards works just fine. the default type of the memory card is FAT, so i changed it to NTFS and format it using my notebook. after that the file can be transfered but my tablet cant read a NTFS type.

Is there a limitation of file transfer at one time for micro sdhc?? how to overcome or increase the limit??

please help.


The problem isn’t with the memory card persay, but rather the file format. FAT32 (which most all memory cards are formatted as) has a 4GB file size limitation.

The only way around this is to re-format as NTFS, but as you’ve discovered other devices can’t read that format. You will have to split the movie file up into 2 or more smaller files to be able to watch it on your tablet.