Error message = help needed


I have just got a Furze and wasloving it - have own loaded songs and was loving it until I tried to do some more a few days ago - didn’t do anything different - they have downloaded fine to my hubby sansa clip but on various ones i get the following message when I go to play the song synchronise to continue your music subscription and it then skips the song and does not play it.  Tried to delete all songs and reload and it still does itbut on different songs!!!

Hekp - am fast wantig to throw it out of the window and go back to mu old ipod!!!



Several others have posted with similar issues, I do not recall haveing seen an accepted solution, but I will tell you what we have told them. It sounds like an issue with a DRM (Digital Rights Managment) as part of your music. You mentioned you had an ipod which means you had itunes. If the songs you are struggling with wew purchaced from itunes they may have a DRM on them. If they are ripped from a CD there may have been a DRM on the CD. If there were some from itunes try using Frostwire or Limewire to download them again and then sync. If they came from a CD try another software to rip the CD. Hope that helps

I strongly recommend against multiplying your problem by…snagging a copy wrapped in a paper lunch sack (P2P, torrent crap) as a substitute!  All you’d be doing in that case is transferring yet another unknown into the mix.

Simply rerip the song as a bare mp3 file, no copy protection enabled.

The “synchronize” mask will pop up as a generic DRM fault message, and many things can cause it to flag.

Check your Fuze to be sure it has the latest firmware build loaded.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: