(Error code -36)

HELLO I am using a Sandisk extreme 64 GB compact flash card in my Canon Mark 4 camera. Have been shooting RAW and JPEG and about filled the card up. So I was trying to transfer the data today with a card reader to my iMac when after a few minutes it stopped and gave me this message … The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “2H9A7163.CR2” can’t be read or written. (Error code -36) It had transferred about one hundred pictures before this happened and I noticed that it successfully transferred the JPEG file of this image but not the CR2. Then it had downloaded a few more images after this in the sequence before stopping. So before doing anything I am seeking advice as these images are very, very important to me. I can see them in the camera by the way but because of this glitch I cannot transfer them. Can you advise? some questions is this an error with a corrupt card or file or is the error with the MAC? I ask because when reading about error code 36 on the Sandisk site they imply this is a line error with mac that requires correcting the way the mac reads the card. I am assuming this is a problem relating to the card itself and not the computer or file reader? I was thinking that either in camera or on the desktop I could find this RAW file that apparently is corrupted and delete it. Then try to download again. But I am concerned that might worsen the problem or there may be many more similar corrupt files after this one is gone. since I can see the image in the camera might it be successful to learn how to download directly from the camera to the computer rather then using a card reader?? I am unfamiliar with this and would first need to download the Canon software to do this. Would this perhaps work? THANKS

Hi Streaker, I find the solutions of your problem .CR2 is a raw file format generally imac finder not complete the operation because it’s not read and written. You need to repair the file format using Stellar Phoenix Jpeg Repair Software. Only this software will help you to resolve your issue for iMac or Mac OS.