Error: Clip "locks up", cant do anything until battery has been drained.



I got my Clip, used it for about before it stopped working. No display light, no sound, no nothing… I tried connecting it to my computer, but again nothing.

The next morning I tried again and it was working perfectly. I started testing and after 20-30min the same thing happend.

I waited a day or two and tried using it again and once again its back to life… 

Both times it stopped working just as a song had ended. Can it be that it “totaly locks up” if it finds a file that isnt .mp`3? (In the folders i copied over was some .jpg files, m3u, nfo files etc…) Can that be the problem or is it more hardware related? )

I have already contacted the shop i bougt it from and they are sending me a new one to replace it, but I would like to know if its a error in the files or the player.

Anyone know about this? 

MP3 players may “freeze” when they encounter files that the do not know how to handle. It is best to put only mp3, wma, and wav file in the Music folder.

To reset a Clip that is frozen, hold the Power switch on for 30 seconds. Release the switch and turn the player on normally.

If that does not work, tell us what operating system your computer has.

it is actually OK to drag extensions of files that the Clip doesn’t support, those files will just get ignored by the player.  Currently it will only “detect” any file with extension mp3, wma, ogg and wav.   however as the post above suggested, try to limit your files to the support formats. as of moment it shard to determine what caused your clip to lock up, but in the future if it locks up again under more controlled conditions, come back to the forums.